Courses Pages contain an outline of – and exercises for – online courses.
The grammar section focuses on typical grammar mistakes made by (German) students learning English as a foreign language and the idiomatic section contains everyday phrases used in English.
All the sections have Multiple Choice exercises for self-study purposes attached.
The Revision sections contain exercises for revising all the previous lessons whereas in the Final Evaluation there is an evaluation.
Note: The courses were designed to be used with online Teams sessions which includes the marking of “homework” by the Team leader.
In Addition there are two sections for mainly self-study:
CheckIt: In this section the focus is on common mistakes made by German students when using English.
MyLevel: In this section the focus is on multiple choice tests where students can determine where their strengths and weaknesses are.
By doing the exercises in the above sections students can eliminate their mistakes.
In addition the sections contain information about the DAAD-Evaluation as well as the Toefl-Test.
NB all attachments to emails must be in PDF-format and named i.e. lesson1_smith.pdf / L1_smith.pdf

You are free to use the lesson material, but you may not make copies to sell the material or include the material in publications without prior written consent.