Lesson 2 Grammar

Grammar: Punctuation 2


What is this about?

Punctuation in English.
The use of proper punctuation often confuses the best.
Whereas putting a comma in the wrong spot is sometimes acceptable, some incorrect uses can not be forgiven.
The following guidelines might assist:

Punctuation in English             © GFH Schmittinger 2012
Full Stop (.)
1. at the end of a sentence I am clever.
2. usually at the end of an abbreviation Mr. Jones, Main St.
Comma (,)
1. to separate clauses After I had eaten, I went home.
2. between separate items in a list Buy the following: apples, pears, bananas 
3. in question tags You know him, don’t you?
4. before or after “she said” in conversations “I love it, ” she said. 
5. in decimal fractions 55,7 litres of petrol
Question Mark (?)
At the end of a direct question. How did you do that?
Exclamation Mark (!)
At the end of a sentence to show surprise, shock I did it!
At the end of a command. Get out!
Hyphen (-)
1. to join words and some prefixes to form compound words air-conditioner, part-time
2.when a word is divided at the end of a sentence           I went to the cine-ma
3. in some numbers twenty-seven, eighty-nine 
Colon (:)
to introduce a list of items Buy the following: apples, pears, bananas
Semicolon (;)
to separate parts of a sentence when there is no conjunction We had a great time; then everyone went home.
Apostrophe (‘)
1. for missing letters in contractions let’s go (let us go), don’t do that (do not) 
2. to indicate possession / ownership John’s girlfriend, Justin’s song
Quotation marks (“)
1. to show words someone has spoken She said:”Well done!” 
2. to emphasise a slang expression Howdy?” : How do you do?
Brackets ()
1. for cross reference That is a fact (See chapter 9). 
2. to supply more information / an extra thought Peter (that old rascal) did it again.

Look at the following texts and apply the proper punctuation:

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Category: Punctuation

1. How did you do that

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Category: Punctuation

2. After I had eaten I went home

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Category: Punctuation

3. Get out

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Category: Punctuation

4. When it is hot we need an air conditioner

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Category: Punctuation

5. Johns girlfriend is pretty

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Category: Punctuation

6. That is a fact See chapter 7

7 / 9

Category: Punctuation

7. We had a great time then everyone went home

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Category: Punctuation

8. Jack that old rascal did it again

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Category: Punctuation

9. He said That's great

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