Lesson 4 Grammar

Grammar: Auxilliary Verbs

Auxilliary Verbs.

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Some basic spelling rules and tips © GFH Schmittinger2012
Nouns Examples 1. to make plurals, we add s bed/beds; cat/cats; 2. if a noun ends on -ch, -o, sh, -ss, -x, we add es table/tables, potato/potatoes; church/churches; 3. if a noun ends in a consonant and -y, baby/babies, hobby/hobbies the y is changed to ies
Note: In German :Hobbys 4 some plurals are irregular or don’t change. man/men
Adjectives Examples
two/to/too Two is one plus one. / Come to me. / Yes, you too. I/eye I have a tear in my eye.
Common spelling mistakes
Correct NOT successful succesfull beautiful beautifull receive recieve
Similar but different Examples loose/lose Your shoelaces are loose. / Don’t lose your money! desert/dessert In the desert there is no rain. / After the meal we got dessert. stationary/stationery The train is stationary. (not moving) / Pens and paper are stationery. personal/personnel That is a personal question and is none of your business. / The personnel work at the company

Have a look at some basic spelling rules.
Knowing these might help zou to eliminate lots of mistakes.

Have a look at these basic spelling rules and tips.
Knowing them might assist you in avaiding many mistakes.

Have look at these basic spelling rules and tips.
Knowing them will assist you in avoiding mand mistakes.
DO the exercises to practise.






Have a look at these spelling rules.
They will assist you to eliminate many mistakes,